Today, Cyprus is a stable and economically advanced member of the European Union. It is quickly becoming a center for education and research with HUGE investment by various international organizations & educational institutions. Cyprus is getting student from over 25 countries including Nigeria, India, Russia, china etc, they are guaranteed to have a multi - cultural experience in Cyprus. The official language of Cyprus is Greek and Turkish.


  • Cyprus is known as the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Both Cyprus & Greece have the same national anthem , i.e known as Hymn to Liberty.
  • Cyprus was also the mythical birthplace of one of the most famous Greek Gods – Aphrodite
  • Cyprus is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world
  • Cyprus’ beaches have been continuously named the most cleanest in Europe for the past decade
  • Cyprus’ capital of Nicosia was oldest and largest city of Cyprus
  • The world’s oldest perfume in the world was discovered in Cyprus
  • The official language is Greek and English , but most young Cypriots speak English
  • Its national symbol is a (very shy) sheep. It’s the national symbol, but you may never see it
  • It has one of the lowest costs of living and very low crime rates, one sixth of the European average


  • Affordable Fees for multiple courses
  • Students have chance to choose desired courses for study
  • At Masters and Bachelors Degree level, many programs are offered in English language
  • Student will get world class INTERNATIONAL RECOGNISED degree
  • Students have low living expenses, affordable on and off campus rooms
  • Part time work is allowed to the students who have work.
  • More than 40,000 students are studying in North Cyprus.
  • Tourism in Cyprus is what helps you will never get bore throughout the year.
  • You can get permanent access to both European Union and Turkish shores.


  • No IELTS/TOFFEL required in some cases for admission in colleges
  • No Bank Statements needed
  • Gap Acceptable
  • No Old Funds
  • Best Colleges & Universities
  • No Hidden Charges


Low tuition fee of just €5000 to €7000 per annum
Fee for University & College level range from €8,000 to €12,000


Cost of living in Cyprus is very low as compared to other European countries. Even eatables in Cyprus are also available at very low cost. There are huge numbers of jobs available in Cyprus. Students can live as per their convenience in Cyprus. Different types of accommodation in Cyprus include sharing accommodation, apartments and private flats. The overall approximate cost including food and accommodation in Cyprus is range between 300 Euros to 400 Euros.


There are plenty of jobs available inside and outside the cities like Nicosia, Larnaka, Paphos, Ayanappa. The major jobs there includes Carpenting, Assistant to Interior Designers, Wooden Factories- Manufacturing Doors, Cabinets etc, Construction jobs, Paint jobs, Electrical jobs, Masonry (Tiles, Flooring), Welding/Drafting, Hotel/Restaurant jobs, Meat cutting and Packing, Jobs in Food Processing Companies, Dairy Farming jobs. The salary range in Cyprus varies from 500 Euros to 2500 Euros per month. In the case, if employer pays less salary then there must be various facilities included for the workers i.e. free food and accommodation.


We are feeling proud to say ,that our students are studing with Top ranking colleges & Universities of Cyprus

The List of Universites & Colleges are described below:

University of Cyprus Nicosia National
Cyprus University of Technology Limassol National
University of Nicosia Nicosia Private
Frederic University Limassol 3080 Private
European University Cyprus Nicosia Private
Open University of Cyprus Latsia National
Neapolis University of Pafos Paphos Private
European University of Lefke Lefka State
University of Kyrenia Kyrenia Public
Girne American University Kyrenia Private
Near East University Nicosia Private
Americanos College Nicosia
Casa College Nicosia
C.D.A. College Larnaca
College of Tourism and Hotel Management Nicosia
C.T.L. College Limassol
Cyprus Academy of Art Limassol 3040
Cyprus College of Art Paphos
Cyprus International Institute of Management Nicosia 2107
Cyprus Institute of Marketing Nicosia
Higher Technical Institute, Nicosia Nicosia
Internapa College Sotira
KES College Nicosia


  • Original and attested copy of 10th and +2 Certificates with Mark sheets.
  • Original letter and copy from the sponsor’s bank (in English) confirming that the sponsor has sufficient funds to finance the student’s fees and living expenses in Cyprus
  • Original letter & copy of good conduct (in English) from the police authorities in the student’s country of residence indicating clear criminal record
  • Original and copied proof of good conduct from policies authorities to indicate clear criminal record
  • Valid passport and all relevant pages copy
  • Acceptance letter from Cyprus College
  • Copy of entry permit sent issued by Ministry of Education , Cyprus
  • The receipts indicating payments to Cyprus College
  • Visa fee

Note : All documents must be attested (Appostiled ) by Ministry of External Affairs ,Patiala House Court , New Delhi


Applicants who are intending for Cyprus study visa must have completed their Secondary level education to get admission in Cyprus for undergraduate and bachelor’s level. To get admission for the post graduate level, applicant must have to complete undergraduate or Bachelor level Education.

Other information and application forms for the universities or colleges of Cyprus can be obtained from the Official partner (agent) of Admissions of respective college or university. As SWICS is actively working with all these colleges and universities

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