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Your Path to Success in Germany

  • Easy Entry: Fast-track your entry to Germany with a streamlined visa process.
  • Permanent Residence: Opportunity to secure permanent residency based on employment.
  • Financial Security: Ensure your livelihood with a stable income in a thriving economy.
  • Immediate Work Permit: Start working as soon as your application is approved.

Key Features of the Opportunity Card:

  • Simplified Job Search: Ideal for Indian applicants looking to work in Germany.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Requires a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. degree and minimum 2 years of relevant work experience.
  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in German (A1) or English (B2) is necessary.
  • Flexible Employment: Allows for trial jobs and part-time work up to 20 hours per week.
  • Duration: Initial visa for 1 year, extendable for up to 2 additional years.
  • Spouse Eligibility: Spouses can also migrate, earning additional points based on qualifications.

Why Choose Skilled Worker Visa Germany?

  • Efficient Process: Visa processing completed in 5-6 months, faster than many other countries.
  • High Demand Occupations: Opportunities in sectors like healthcare, IT, engineering, and education.
  • Support Services: Comprehensive post-visa services including accommodation and settlement assistance.
  • Legal Expertise: Trusted visa consultancy with government approvals and national recognition.

Advantages for Job Seekers

  • Job Search Support: Access specialized job search assistance tailored to the German market.
  • Work Permit Facilitation: Simplified processes for obtaining a work permit after securing employment.
  • Access to Events: Attend job fairs and networking events designed for international job seekers.
  • Language Training: Enhance your German language skills to improve job prospects.
  • Cultural Integration: Programs to help you adapt to German workplace customs and culture.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Opportunity to settle long-term with family through permanent residency.

Points System Overview

  • Earn points based on age, qualifications, professional experience, language proficiency, and more.
  • Accumulate sufficient points to qualify for the Opportunity Card and maximize your chances of success.

Financial Requirements:
Maintain funds of 1027 Euro per month for the duration of your stay (e.g., Euro 12,324 for 12 months).

Join SWICS Pvt Limited for Expert Guidance:

  • Established since 2002, offering reliable visa consultancy services.
  • Government approved and recognized by authorities in Punjab and India.
  • Expert team providing tailored support through the visa application process

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