( Approved consultant by Government of Punjab ) ( Registered by Government of India )


Punjab Prevention Human Smuggling –Act 2012

  • Punjab State Government has recently introduced new law in the name of "Human Smuggling - Punjab Prevention Act.
  • In this act anyone who is providing consultancy services or ticketing services or any services related to foreign visa has to register himself with Government.
  • The hard step of Government towards agents who are practicing illegal means like fraudulent documents, money lending, misleading advertisements etc , in this act the Government has put heavy imprisonment clause.
  • Due to this act most of the non genuine consultants are moving their offices to other states / Cities, like Chandigarh, Haryana or Himachal State.

Punjab Prevention Human Smuggling Act (Terms & Conditions )

  • Pay License Fee i.e. INR 25000 who are in operation less than 5 years and Rs. 1 Lac who are in operation more than 5 Years.
  • Have no criminal or fraud case or bankruptcy etc.
  • Submit monthly report to Punjab Government, how many students/clients they sent abroad and details about fee charged.
  • Any advertisements and contents in the advertisements should be approved by Punjab Government
  • All the agents / consultants who approach government for registration ,should have to pass a tough screening i.e in terms of 2 Years Banking History , 3 years Income tax returns , Police Verification , Proper Registered office Space , Surety Bonds of Income Tax Access , etc.

We are "SWICS PVT LTD" feeling proud to say, we are the only consultant in Punjab State , who applied and got licnece . "SWICS pvt Ltd is Approved Consultancy Firm by Punjab Government, Having Licence Number: 01 / MC-2/Dated 28/5-2014".

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